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Starting next week (March 21, 2011)Detective Club will be formed in our classroom.  The reading detective group will be solving the mystery of   "Nate The Great  -  San Francisco DETECTIVE".

Each reading detective is given a reading badge and a case file.  Included in the case file is a Detective's Dictionary, a Suspect List, and a Clue Clipboard Worksheet.  As students read the mystery, they keep track of possible suspects and important clues.

Students meet every other day to discuss the mystery chapter they are reading.  They share clues they have uncovered and possible suspects who seem to have a motive for committing the crime.  After each meeting, students are assigned additional pages to read.  They use Reading Detective Bookmarks to record their assignment.  After detectives finish the book and solve the mystery, they must complete a Detective Case Report as a final assignment. 

When students meet in their detective clubs, they put on their detective hats and their Reading Detective Badges.



Meet Our Detectives...



              Detective Palmerola                               Detective Garcia



                                               Detective Martinez


Our New Case 

Case # 2010-01










  • "Thank your once again for a wonderful year. The kids have improved so much. They really enjoyed the show last night."
    Graduation 2011
  • "Everything was beautiful yesterday, thank you very much! The Show was OUTRAGEOUS!!!!!!"
    Evelyn Garcia
    Graduation 2011