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My Personal Success Story

 My name is Jessenia DelCallejo-Marquez, I am the daughter of Patricia Marquez, the founder of The P.A.T. Academy. I will start by stating that although I do credit myself with having had an equal part in my scholastic success, I have to give the majority of the merit to this system that my mother put together. I attended private school from K-3rd grade; despite my moms contentment with the school, she felt I was not meeting my full potential. One could say that these are the actions of an overprotective and overachieving mother. I now can't thank her enough for giving me the foundation that I needed to continuously strive to be the best I can be. I would do it no different with my own children. She taught me using the best of an array of curriculums, she had previously researched and gathered through the years I attended private school. When she felt ready, she took me out of school, drastically changing both our lives for ever. Schooling for me became fun and the flexibility of finishing my school day early made me look forward to another day. My mom gave me the option of home-schooling for one year and if it was not what I wanted I could return to regular school the following year. Once I experienced the difference between a regular school format and compared it with home-schooling I never looked back. I would never step into another class room until I started college. I will get to my collegiate success a little later. I started home-school and successfully completed both 4th and 5th grade in one school year. My second year of home-schooling, after the ease of the 1st, inspired both my mom and I to push the envelope and complete 6th, 7th, and 8th grade that following school year.

To make a long story short, I stepped back into a classroom at the age of 12, when admitted into Florida International University's Dual Enrollment program. Due to the discipline that my mother instilled in me, she and I met the dean of the Dual Enrollment program at FIU and it was from then on my responsibility to convince the dean that I was mature enough (at a mere 12 years) to not only attend college but also responsible enough to receive the amount of classes I was requesting; which, to date, exceed the norms of the program. I felt comfortable with the decision and due to my mom's system, college remains a fulfilling and fun experience. Finally, back to my collegiate success. I received my Associate in Arts degree at the age of 14. My 1st major in Sociology at the age of 15; My double major in Philosophy at the age of 16 while receiving a double minor in Spanish and World Religions. In summation, I am graduating with a double Bachelor's this year (2010) at the age of 16 and will start law school next year (2011) at the age of 17.

By now, the obvious question the reader will have is what was the hurry? The truth is, her system made it so easy that I really didn't feel rushed or burdened as most people might expect. I actually ended up having more time available to enjoy my day than my friends who were attending a regular school. The old expression " What you don't know won't hurt you " could not have been more true when referring to my academic experience with my mom. Being taught by someone who consistently reminded me that everything is possible, so long as I put all my effort, led me to believe that this was the norm. I now understand that my accomplishments, however effortless seem to me, are viewed to most as a prodigious accomplishment.

I am very proud of her and appreciate all she's done. Seeing my classmates struggle with what to me are medial tasks/assignments all the more reiterates just how powerful this program has been. For instance, regularly doing Mensa exercises and Sudoku games which at the time seemed silly, definitely impacted my performance through my college years. I highly recommend her program for all parents whom wish their children become well rounded students. I do not regret one thing or prefer it any other way. THANK YOU MOM!!!



  • "Thank your once again for a wonderful year. The kids have improved so much. They really enjoyed the show last night."
    Graduation 2011
  • "Everything was beautiful yesterday, thank you very much! The Show was OUTRAGEOUS!!!!!!"
    Evelyn Garcia
    Graduation 2011