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Games Galore!

Need a break?  Have some time to kill? or just need a diversion?  you have come to the right place. Although games are used for entertainment, we at The P.A.T. Academy use them as "edutainment" tools. The games in this section are used for the sole purpose of brain integration. Despite popular belief that games are a waste of time, this couldn't be farther from the truth.

Neuro-scientific research has proven that if a toddler doesn't crawl, as an adolescent his cognitive skills will be severely weakened making the student suffer throughout their scholar years. The action of crawling in fact wires both sides of their brain and learning becomes easier and is welcomed by the brain. Subsequently, the brain wires up its circuitry through play, this actually is the brain's dopamine and is what causes the brain to want to continually be fed with more and more challenges. In fact, games that challenge and stimulate the brain are always welcomed at The P.A.T. Academy, we also urge parents to allow and promote this at home as it will make a dramatic difference in their student's performance while in school.

Games Galore is proud to offer a list of free educational games and brain teasers that will help you expand your knowledge or just simply have a great time!



**A Note to Parents and Students: we have made every attempt to make sure the links on this section are kid-friendly. However, the web changes rapidly. Always inform us if you see something that you think might be inappropriate.**




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