The P.A.T. Academy

"Where you will learn how to Think, not what to Think"



What are the Program hours?

Home-School hours Mon - Fri: 1:00pm - 6:30pm (Snack Included)   After-School Program: 3:15pm - 6:30pm (Snack Included)       After 6:30pm all parents will be charge $10.00 for every fifteen minutes.  ALL PROGRAMS ARE INCLUDED IN TUITION PRICE!

Is there a student handbook? Available for PDF download?

Yes, it can be downloaded here (in PDF Format). .

Why is The P.A.T. Academy an Individualized Co-Ed Home-School Program?

We have engineered The P.A.T. Academy as an individualized co-ed environment - (a home-school program). Many Researches as well as our own experience  have shown us that although a co-ed environment is healthy and necessary for the full development of each child when it comes to learning and socializing, a single gender education is equally valuable. Lots of studies show that girls do better academically at a single gender school, as do boys. The research shows that because girls mature faster than boys it can be difficult for teachers to accommodate the differences in development rates in a co-ed environment. A boy or girl  will not have the freedom to make educational choices without worrying that they might be the only girl or boy in class. The threat of judgment is eliminated. For example a boy or girl might feel shy and not participate in a project or presentation if a student of the opposite gender is present, separating them when it comes to teaching certain subjects will ensure full participation and provides a full environment for leaning.

An individualized co-ed  school provides an environment that gives every child an opportunity to showcase their emerging intellect and talents. We instill a culture of respect and support, shaped by relationships that allow children to explore and nurture their interests and talents, preparing them for leadership in our world. At P.A.T., students are surrounded by role models. An individualized co-ed school focuses on the distinct learning styles of boys and girls, responding to the emerging brain research on the way they learn best.  Contrary to the claims that single gender schools do not prepare boys and girls for the “real world,”  our research continues to validate and quantify the advantages of single-sex education in a co-ed environment, citing higher test scores, superior reading, writing and science skills, higher numbers of math and science college majors, higher numbers of doctorates, higher numbers of graduates who pursue careers in math, science and technology and a more positive approach to learning. Young adults leave our individualized co-ed  school with the tools and confidence necessary for academic and personal success in college and beyond.

For more on the science and research on single gender education visit ---------

What Makes The P.A.T. Academy Different From Other Programs?

At the P.A.T. Academy we excel in creating an atmosphere where students are taught the unique method of "learning how to learn"; this happens in a stress free environment suited for the full integration of their brain. Our primary focus is not the traditional style of learning but rather to surpass any generic classroom norm. Not confined to an uncomfortable chair all day allows the student to feel relaxed, facilitating his/her concentration. Once the brain is fully integrated and ready for content, The P.A.T Academy subdivides the boys from the girls during specific subjects (for further detail, please refer to the previous FAQ) emphasizing an environment where neither negative criticism nor embarrassment disturb a scholar's ability to shine.  After completing G.S.E ("Gender Specific Education") the students return to their designated co-ed classrooms. We then provide them with our proven state of the art program, which combines the most efficient aspects of leading curriculums forming our unique system. This system incorporates a course on economics that seeks to teach students how to balance their own check book. The P.A.T. Savings Bank administers our currency "Rawllees", the student also establishes their own credit rating where they can borrow certain items on credit ; preparing them for real world experiences. We teach using " Love and Logic " techniques while incorporating the Socratic method that instills both creativity and self reliance. We focus on the whole child development both academically and socially, thus including etiquette and manners in our curriculum. Every theory remains a hypothesis unless empirically proven. We would not practice a method solely based on 3rd party testimonials. As the founder, I personally vouch for my program and its undisputed success. My daughter's academic achievements are unquestionably attributed to the proficiency of my program. She is currently (at the age of 16) graduating with a double-bachelor and preparing to attend law school at 17 years of age. That is a proven system that speaks for itself. For her full testimony, please refer to "My Personal Success Story"

We also, focus on helping the entire family with our very own Parent Seminars that are offered three to four times a year.

 What Are The Qualifications Of The Staff?

P.A.T. staff goes through specific and continued training detailed for their job; in addition to their educational credentials, all tutors are required an ongoing professional development training, to enhance their skills and knowledge in working in an individualized-coed environment. The faculty has attended workshops and conferences, both in-state and out, to meet with nationally recognized experts in the field. We also network with teachers across the state, sharing ideas, strategies, and insights on how to effectively work with students. Tutors share ideas with one another and work together to build their resources. The P.A.T. Academy staff must pass a background check in the state of Florida to be eligible for employment.

Why is it that the program has a "no homework" policy?

At the The P.A.T. Academy we believe that after, 4-5 hour days, 5 day weeks in the program, a child has gained the knowledge they need; with the guidance and help from their instructors.  When they get home, they should be granted reasonable time to relax and enjoy the family interaction they yearn for. The only way a tutor will assign homework is when they feel it will reinforce what students are discussing; this happens only after every available option is met during our daily required hours. IE.. How much more stressful would our day be, if we were forced to take work home?  Wouldn't you prefer this time to be used for your leisure?  Why would your child be any different?

Do you offer after-hours help if a student is struggling in a class?

After hours help is offered every day , tutors offer help sessions for students who work diligently in class yet struggle with concepts or other course requirements. These sessions are meant to reinforce recent classroom instruction and help students as they prepare for upcoming assessments.

Do students have to take the FCAT's?

We do not take the FCAT at the P.A.T. Academy. We do an annual educational evaluation "The Iowa Test of Basic Skills" (ITBS) in which we document the student's demonstration of educational progress at a level that commensurates with their abilities.  We prefer to let our teachers have the maximum amount of class time to teach our unique integrated curriculum.

Do students equally study all subjects or does the curriculum emphasize certain Subjects more than others? If so, what are they?

Students study a variety of subjects at P.A.T., including Math, Language Arts, Vocabulary, Spelling, Creative Writing. We value each subject individually and integrate them all together to learn more, however; we emphasize more on teaching math and language arts (reading, creative writing, grammar) each class day. These two classes are proven to enhance the child's cognitive development.  Subjects like Science, Health, History and Geography are guided classes - students are to study at home with parents; we only provide the syllabus to follow.

Is there a music program?

We do not have a formal music program, but all students learn how to play the guitar as part of the curriculum. Sometimes our internships have a music focus like songwriting or a Capella singing. And, we are planning to start a P.AT. Rock Band very soon...

Do you have an art class?

Art is no integrated into our curriculum; but some art projects will be created directly relating  to the topics they are learning about in other classes.

Do you have special projects or reports?

Students complete many different types of projects and reports throughout each term. At the end of every term, students participate in Culminating Events where they showcase what they have learned to their families and friends.

What is your discipline system?

Students are expected to take responsibility for their learning and their behavior. Actions which disrupt the learning environment are first addressed with the student and then with the parent.  If the problem continues it will be referred to The  P.A.T. Court who will then take the appropriate measures. It has been our experience that parental support and reinforcement of school policies is a very effective solution to most behavioral concerns.


  • "Thank your once again for a wonderful year. The kids have improved so much. They really enjoyed the show last night."
    Graduation 2011
  • "Everything was beautiful yesterday, thank you very much! The Show was OUTRAGEOUS!!!!!!"
    Evelyn Garcia
    Graduation 2011