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The P.A.T. Homeschool  Academy

- A homeschool program -
Where you will learn how to Think, not what to Think

  • Why did The P.A.T. Homeschool Academy change to an online school?

As parents and families are looking ahead to school in the fall of 2020, we've heard feedback directly and indirectly that they are not confident or excited about traditional school options. As a leader  we are in a position to help families "do school better" given these uncertain times.

With our "Learn2Learn" program, we are providing a flexible, personalized, and engaging solution for families that meets them where they are. We can supplement traditional schooling by teaching core subjects or enrichment (or both), or we can work with families who would like to replace traditional schooling, but not have the burden of doing all the work to homeschool.

  • Does this replace school or supplement school?

Our Learn2Learn program can be used either as a full school replacement to homeschooling your student, or as a partial supplement to ongoing schooling that may, for example, be on a reduced or unpredictable schedule.

  • How do I get started?

The first step is to sign up for one of our Virtual Open Houses, where we will share more details about the program. You can sign up for a Virtual Open House by clicking the relevant button above.

If you are ready to enroll, or have further questions, you can call one of our Educational Consultants at (877) 645-7787.   To reserve your spot in our program, we require that you make a deposit equal to the cost of the registration. This deposit is fully refundable if you wish to not enroll. You can call the same number to make the deposit.

  • What is the Core Classes Only program?

We offer a Core Classes Only program that shares all the same benefits of the normal program, but does not include parental coaching (Pragmatic Approach Techniques). Any 1-on-1 tutoring would have to be purchased separately, a la carte.

  • How much work do I need to do as a parent?

We’ll provide live instruction along with all of the planning, scheduling, homework assignment, and progress reporting, and we’ll even help you explore your state’s requirements for homeschooling. This is homeschooling for parents who don’t have time to homeschool.

  • How much does it cost?

The P.A.T. Homeschool Academy is as flexible as your needs require. Price & fees are in our "Tuition and Service" Tag.

We offer a 10% discount for each sibling enrolled after the first student.

All programs are for a nine-month academic calendar.