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Math Games

Match the Rule

Which Rule

Drag the Rule

Divisibility Practice

Divisibility Game

Math Lingo (3rd Grade)

Math Lingo (4th Grade)

Division Games

Math Millionaire

Interactive Math Skills (3rd - 8th)

100's Chart (counting by1,2,5,10...)

Find the Bone (find the number in the 100's chart)

Jumping Rabbit (even numbers)

Odd or Even - Games

Fishing Mission (K)

How Many Shoes (K-1)

Addition (K-1)

Catch the Fly Addition (K-1)

Finger Addition (K-1)

Adding Bugs (K- 1)

Farm Addition (K-1)

Jet Ski Addition (1-2)

Fun 4 the Brain - Addition Games 

Addition Attack (K-2)

Addition Machine (1-3)

Math Games Addition  (1-5)

Math Games General (1-5)

Odd or Even - Games (K-2)

Sliding Balls (odd even game)

Base Ten (place value 1,10)

Place Value Tens and Ones

Place Value (1,10)

Place Value (1, 10, 100) 

Place Value (to 1000)

Place Value Golf (1-1000)


Read the Thermometer

Math Games (Fuel the Brain Educational Games)

Builder Ted (decimals)

Decimal Squares

Decimals of the Caribbean

Decimal Math (1-6)

Elementary Math

Math Games by Grade Level

Math Games II

Math Games

Multiplication - Missing Number

Multiplication X Table Game

The Counting Game

Addition Word Problem Games

Addition Memory Game

Telling Time

Learning Games for Kids

Math Lines 10

Math Games

Math-a-Rama (by grade level)

Time Tables Game

Math Fun

Tic-Tac-Toe Squares Math (all levels)

Fractions in Action


Fraction Splat

Dr. Brain's Robot (Addition Memory)

IXL Math (K-8th Grade)

Guitar Hero Math

Beginning Math

Math (Kindergarten)

Number Cracker

Place Value

Shark Numbers (Place Value K-2)

LifeGuard (Place Value K-2)

Ca$h Out - Giving Change

Multiplication Games

Cool Multiplication Games

Fraction Fun

Cross the River (fraction Practice)

Geometry Match Games

Perimeter & Area Practice 

Perimeter Pre-Test