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The P.A.T. Homeschool  Academy

- A homeschool program -
Where you will learn how to Think, not what to Think

A good homeschool program is a better shield than a standing army

About us...
Homeschooling is my passion!

The Pedagogically Advanced Training Academy

The Alternative Paradigm Shift in Education

A Homeschool Program

Due to the rapid changes in today's world, and the changes coming in the future, we are now required to prepare children for a world of fast changes in technology, increasing interconnectedness, and new forms of employment. In this new age of "Google"  the focus on mastering content knowledge is no longer sufficient!

Thriving in today's fast changing world requires a "Breadth of skills" (means educating for a mastery of a wide range of competencies that will help mitigate the challenges posed by our changing world context) rooted in academic competencies such as literacy, numeracy and science, but also including such things as teamwork, critical thinking, communication, persistence, emotional stability and creativity. These skills are in fact interconnected. As young people are better able to manage their emotions, for example, their ability to focus helps them learn to read,and by working on science projects together they learn how to collaboratively solve problems. This interplay of skills is central to both the concept of breadth of skills as well as to the educational strategies needed to help young people cultivate them. Ultimately, young people today must be agile learners, able to adapt and learn new things quickly in a new fast-changing environment.  Today?s education cannot only be based on teaching subject-specific content.  Today's education has to focus more on teaching other skills like self-regulation, information literacy or problem solving.

To accomplish this, we also need to expand our conception of where and when learning happens.  As education evolved from many different models in past generations into the current model of schooling, many assume that learning, education, and school are one in the same.  But children are learning all the time, and it is imperative that we broaden education to include home and community environments rather than merely formal school environments. This naturally opens up a vision of education that can encompass life-long learning, starting from early childhood through adulthood.                                                                                                                             

Learning and cultivating "Breadth of skills" has required us to rethink how we educate young people.  For more than a century, the dominant form of education has been mass schooling, employing a teacher-centered, "knowledge transmission" model. This is what will likely sound familiar to most as a definition of school. Teachers are responsible for imparting knowledge to students, generally placing them at the front of a classroom, with a chalkboard and rows of students facing them. This makes the role of the teacher a content expert and lecturer, the social and collaborative nature of learning is often ignored and learning is supposed to be an individual, "in-the-head" endeavor. 

Yet we know from education and learning experts that in order to reach a deeper level of understanding takes practice. It requires being able to demonstrate that knowledge learned in one setting can be transferred and applied in other contexts. Active learning strategies that place the child at the center and allow them to guide and practice their own learning through projects, collaboration, and inquiry are effective ways for teaching content knowledge as well as developing a range of other competencies.  Because skills build off one another, effective teaching and learning practices will teach children how to be good communicators and critical thinkers through literacy and numeracy education.  In order to improve in science, literacy, and numeracy we need to effectively foster the full breadth of skills. But doing so will take a big shift in our educational environments, both inside classrooms between teachers and students as well as outside the classroom. 

Perhaps the most important question for all of us now is how to help young people cultivate "breadth of skills." What types of teaching and learning experiences will build the competencies that young people need?   The P.A.T. Homeschool Academy is embarking on a new project, "Learn2Learn"   A homeschool program with a central focus "FAMILY" A program designed to guide and provide parents with techniques for effective parenting and to positively influence the behavior of their children.  A homeschool program that will show why you have struggled so much when communicating with your child; why is it that they do not listen to you; why you need to break forever with the threats, blackmail, punishments, and screams that will only hurt your child so much.  In other words, you will be armed for life.  You will be given the tools you need to grow emotional, healthy, and happy children.

Today and in the future, we will need young people who are prepared to harness these changes and mitigate these challenges. Young people will increasingly need to focus on making use of what they know and less on just mastering bodies of knowledge.   And we at the Awareness Institute believe that by empowering families with the right tools and techniques will accomplish the skills needed for this changing world!

If remote learning is new for your student and for you, you' ll have to give yourselves time to adjust to a new schedule and a new way of working together. But by being patient, you?ll get to see your child make progress every day.

Patricia M. Marquez-Piocuda
 The first real lesson I learned as a homeschool teacher is that … it’s the students that lead the way.

I received my associate's degree in paralegal studies from Fort Lauderdale College in 1990.  Life has taken me through many different pathways and careers.  I have never looked to be an MD or a PhD, rather preferred the momentous title of M.o.M. which I believe is by far a more challenging title. I embarked on this journey with far more distinction than any other career choice I could have ever chosen. 

 My journey through education began the moment I gave birth to my daughter 26 years ago.  It was a blessing, but at the same time a call of duty. I chose to make my daughter's education, overall formation, and well being my life's work.  My new career was my daughter; from one day to the next she became my main priority.  I was devoted to her!  In 1996, I received devastating news from her doctors; she was diagnosed with kidney failure. Throughout my life I was surrounded with what is referred to as an all-around "Healthy Foods  and Alternative Medicines Lifestyle."  My mother who is an iridologist and a nutritionist taught me from an early age that just as Hippocrates said, "Let thy food be thy medicine, and thy medicine be thy food,"  fruits, vegetables, and medicinal herbs have an inner knowledge in the ways of healing our bodies. Unfortunately, with the best nephrologist from the states and abroad, her diagnosis did not look good, with a kidney transplant in the not so distant future, I chose an alternative. This is the point in my life where I decided to completely return to my "Herbal roots, Nature knows best, and any chemical is second best!"  I refused to leave my little one in the hands of any conventional doctor and their traditional medicines (drugs -- which all have side effects in someway, most of which need an additional drug to reduce their secondary side effects).  So here I am working with my daughter's condition, emerging myself in "self-study" courses; finding alternatives that maybe the doctors might have missed or simply didn't know; I became more pro-active. Throughout the entire ordeal, I gained valuable experience dealing with the occasional relapse all while guiding my child through what I considered a "normal and happy" existence. We ultimately managed to successfully overcome the entire situation with absolutely no side effects thanks to the alternative medicinal options; most importantly, no regrets. 

 To my surprise, Déjà vu! I am yet again faced with a tough decision; "school years" should I send her to school, or is there another way to educate her?  If so, how can I do that? What options do I have? After extensive research (typical of a Legal Assistant) here are my options: public, private, or homeschool ? public school is definitely out of the question, private or homeschool were my remaining options.  I chose private, but never gave up on the idea of personally educating her.  Despite my satisfaction with the school and its curriculum, deep inside I felt the inexplicable urge to act on instinct. I was given a "rough diamond" and it was my responsibility to polish it!  So I began to wonder, what am I doing? I know she deserves the best, I know I can provide it for her, what am I waiting for? What was I afraid of? I armed myself with courage and the right tools, and I took her out of school.  I began Home-schooling her. This was a life changing experience.  It created a personal growth for both of us; I got a second chance to re-discover my own special intellects, while helping my daughter discover hers.  I can honestly tell you, as a parent, nothing you ever do will have a more profound effect on you child and his/her future as an educated leap of faith in an alternative form of academics.

 My experiences led me to believe that children love to learn.  It is as natural to them as breathing. They have an inborn hunger to explore the world and examine and assimilate what is presented as long as it is interesting to them.  They learn by following their interests, one interest leading to the next. This is the way we all learn, whether as children or as adults we learn the same. After all, learning is and should always be a life-long process.  Through this journey I experimented with a variety of curriculums; I implemented my own ideas; I trusted what I was doing, and more importantly I trusted my daughter's instincts.   I now know I gave her the best gift I will ever be able to provide for her!  I gave her the confidence to believe in herself and be able to accomplish anything she sets her mind to.  The only thing I can tell you about her is she entered Florida International University (FIU) Dual-Enrollment program when she was just twelve years old, graduating high school when she was 13, and she graduated (2010) with a double Bachelors in Philosophy and Sociology, a minor in World Religions and Spanish.   I can therefore, honestly say, I have graduated from the best school ever... The School of Hard Knocks!   with vastly more than the average 6 years of training.

 My long-time passion for children, alternative medicine, and education has led me to develop a method to help children excel in any given task.  I became a Detoxification Specialist in 2008, after realizing that there was but another missing piece to the puzzle of academic performance. I believe if a child's biochemistry is distressed and his/her nervous system is not responding properly, it can lead experts to believe they might have concentration problems(ADD, ADHD), auditory processing problems, and/or even dyslexia.  

In 2009 I Founded Detox D’Lux “Heal-Thy Lifestyle."  I am certified as:

  • Representative/Instructor Learn to Learn Brain Development (2010)
  • Facilitator/Adviser in Conscious Parenting (2014)
  • Trainer and Mentor in Conscious and Emotional Parenting Education (2015)
  • From Authority to Understanding and Love (2018)
  • How to Tame your Dragon (2018)
  • The Secrets of Parents who Raise Happy Children (2019)
  • Finding Yourself (2019)
  • Resources & Techniques for a Humanized Parental Support (2019)
  • The Principles of Effective Parenting (2020)
  • How to Heal your Inner-Child ( 2020)
  • Founder of Club Padres de Hoy (2020)
  • Creator of the "Pragmatic Parenting & Discipline Method"

I really enjoy spending time with children while having fun, teaching them educational games that are entertaining. I believe in interactive educational play.  Although "playing and having fun" is a big part of the learning process, I take teaching to the next level by implementing the latest brain development techniques with an advanced curriculum all while instilling a sense of responsibility and trust.  Therefore, boosting their overall confidence to the sky  --  forever being able to reach their highest potential!

"Parenthood is the hardest job on Earth. 

You are responsible for the physical, emotional, and mental development of another human being"